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You can build your course in less than 1 hour
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A straightforward no-code editor that simplifies the process of creating lessons and complete courses
  • Alex
    Product Designer •
    Don't worry if you're new to course creation – our platform is intuitive and easy to use. With our builder, you can quickly put together lessons and assignments, invite students, manage team members, and adjust access controls as needed.

A user-friendly and intuitive navigation to enhance the user experience for both instructors and students
Easy to use
Upload and organize course materials such as videos, text, audio files quizes ect.
Everything you need for effective learning
Collect payments anywhere you want by using the check out funnel widget
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Streamline Your Course Sales with an All-in-One Solution
Get all the modern marketing tools for sales growth and automation of your customer base management
Scale your online course sales
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Incorporating upsells in offers boosts revenue and enhances customer experience with added value
Use upsells to increase revenue by 70-95%
Build different scenarios, set everything up once, and increase advertising efficiency on "autopilot"
Automate marketing for up to 220% revenue growth
Optimizing offers to customer segments can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty
Customize offers by segments for 80% sales growth

Scaling is easy
Achieve financial sustainability using advanced technology to streamline course delivery and sales
Design customized automation strategies featuring exclusive promotions and limited-time offers tailored to individual clients
Automate your follow-up sequences
Has the client already completed the first stage? Offer them the next step and earn without spending on marketing and attracting new clients.
Track students progress and automatically trigger up-sales
More than 5,000 integrations with your favorite services that will allow you to stay connected with your customers
Scale as big as you want
Create chains of trigger messages from email newsletters and unique offers
Re-engage customers and foster nurture loyalty

The CRM system inside will help you remember every client
Add data, segment customers, and communicate with each person face to face using the CRM system inside
Gather feedback using built-in forms and create products that your customers need
Make learning even easier and more convenient
Enhance collaboration and scale up your online training by•adding your team and assigning roles
Team Collaboration
Add notifications, emails, and special offers to push the user forward in the course or offer them another program
You can see the progress of each student and influence it

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  • Kristina
    PMU Trainer • 5 Star Academy
    For a long time I could not find a suitable platform to create an online school. has everything you need to make this possible. I didn't need any technical knowledge to make my dream come true. The possibility of customization allowed us to apply brand guidelines and stand out from the competition.
  • Eugene M.
    Marketer and Course Creator
    With every new feature, makes my course creation more productive. This allows me to spend more time on students and content, and not spend it studying the application.
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